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2022 Lectures

7 - 11 nov 18h30 - Uni Dufour

Already in Greek antiquity, but probably elsewhere and at other times, humans wondered to what extent it was possible to break down objects, natural or not, into their primordial elements. One of these decompositions proposed that earth, water, fire and air were the four elements of which everything is constructed, but a fifth element seemed necessary to complete the picture... Read more
How rock weathering sets Earth’s thermostat
Professor Friedhelm von Blanckenburg
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam

7 November 2022 - 18h30

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Volcanoes, their eruption and risk management
Professor Steve Sparks
University of Bristol, UK

8 November 2022 - 18h30

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The turbulent ocean: technological frontiers, new paradigms, and the emerging Arctic
Professor Ilker Fer
Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway

9 November 2022 - 18h30

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Tiny critters, huge impacts: Ocean microbes, climate, and health
Prof. Kimberly A. Prather
Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

10 November 2022 - 18h30

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How can we know anything about the origin of life?
Professor Nick Lane
University College London

11 November 2022 - 18h30

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Lectures moderation
Olivier Dessibourg
Scientific journalist, physicist, mathematician


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The lectures will be preceded by activities proposed by the Scienscope teams of the University of Geneva.
Come and discover the five elements through a series of activities that illustrate them in a simple and fun way: water cycles, volcanoes and the formation of the Earth’s surface, Plato’s mathematical association of the elements to solids in geometry, soil fauna, the discovery of the impacts of our daily activities on aquatic ecosystems, in particular on algae and photosynthesis.
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Younger public

9 NOV 2022

As in every edition, youth are honored on Wednesday. An informal meeting is planned during the day between pupils and the speakers of the Colloquium, encouraging a privileged interaction.

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Sound and light show

30 OCT – 20 NOV - Museum of Art and History

Les cinq éléments au MAH

Every evening 18:30, 19:30, 20:30
Front of the Museum of Art and History, rue Charles-Galland 2

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